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Bible Training Institute

GAP Missions - Philosophy

Over 200 years ago a British cobbler named William Carey responded to a spiritual need and began pioneering the modern missionary movement which radically changed the course of history. Carey was ridiculed and labeled as a dreamer and fool. But Carey would not be dissuaded, reminding them also of man's responsibility to the Great Commission: "Make disciples of all nations . . . " (Matt. 28:19). On June 13, 1793, William Carey, his wife and four children sailed for India.

Early National Pastor Training in Ivory Coast

Instead of merely "sending" missionaries to foreign lands to "convert the heathen," Carey believed the missionary's primary job was to train nationals to evangelize and disciple their own people. This concept underlies GAP Missions’ approach to ministry. The aim of GAP MISSIONS from the onset has been to reach the people of Ivory Coast by “training nationals who in turn train other nationals.” The Bible Training Center now numbers more than seventy students who are being personally taught and trained by National Ivorian Pastors. After eleven years of ministry, by the grace of God, we are experiencing exponential growth. Ivorian pastors are now expressing their desire to spread the GOSPEL to other African Nations.


Pastor Training Center - Mondoukou

The facility located in Mondoukou (Ivory Coast, West Africa) serves as a training center for national pastors and christian workers for reaching into the villages of Ivory Coast. The grounds also hold the Mondoukou Orphanage facilities.

You can learn more about the current training and ministry activites of the work in Ivory Coast by visiting the website of GAP Missions AFRICA (


GAP Missions Pastor Training School